Who We Are

Our mission is to empower women by initiating conversations and standing in support of Matriarchs worldwide. 

10% of our net profits will be contributed annually to local women's organizations around the world. 

Why Organic?

What’s the point of fighting for a cause if the effects of your product are harming the world we are trying to fix? Matriarchy believes in integrity.

Investing our business in organic materials means that we are helping organic farmers keep their fields GMO free, making it economically sustainable for factories to produce organically, and making it accessible for our customers to put their dollars towards fashion that is good for the environment.


What You Save With Organic Cotton:

    • 659 liters of water
    • 610 mg of hazardous pesticides
    • 79 grams of chemical fertilizer

* compared to a conventional cotton t-shirt

Trust us, it's worth it. 



The statement “Matriarchy Now!” was born out of a time of great unrest in Chiara Hardy's sophomore year of high school, and it served as a unifying symbol of solidarity. The declaration had an instant resonance with a greater community, so she decided to spread this message by selling the shirts online. The community of women and especially women of color who were fighting against the administration in her high school for days on end made a difference. They are the Matriarchy. We are the Matriarchy. 

What inspires Chiara to pursue this project is the way in which people identify with the idea of a Matriarchy, and the radical and perceptible change that is achieved when women work together.